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Why choose eCLTC to earn your Long-Term Care designation?

Here are just a few reasons:

13 Ground-Breaking Courses

Access to online video courses of industry experts sharing language, ideas and best practices.

Industry Leading Content

The same industry standard course materials that thousands of financial professionals utilize to maximize their impact on the Long-Term Care market.

CLTC Designation

Earn the same CLTC designation only previously offered through the live three-day class.

On-the-Go Learning

Platform’s mobile design allows members to access anywhere, anytime for on-the-go learning.

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Student Success Stories

R.F., Allstate

"Before taking the CLTC course I had never sold an LTC insurance policy. In the 6 months after my training I wrote 30 apps and now include a discussion of LTC planning with every client."

J.F., The Guardian

"CLTC taught me how to take a product that my client didn't think he needed, and turn it into something he couldn't live without."


"We tracked all Thrivent grads of the CLTC course and compared their average monthly production before and after the course. Their average monthly submitted production increased by 62%."

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